Ever had questions about the application process? Ever opened a 20+ page application and felt a tad overwhelmed? Well DON’T PANIC, because we are here to help you! At Wallace we have our own Application Assisters who work tirelessly day in and day out to provide the most up to date information and help with the Oregon Health Plan and Health Insurance in general!

Some barriers that our assisters help community members work through: the length of the application and the language because we have refugees from all over in our communities and a diverse patient base. Additionally, the questions on the application can seem confusing and complicated to answer!

We at WMC have been using paper applications due to complications with the electronic versions, but will be trial running the new One System. There have been challenges with the One System incorrectly processing applications with mixed immigration status. Our assisters say that about 25% of people they serve are in process of immigration and so this might affect many of their clients. Also, some frustrations to be considered still revolve around the long wait times to talk to the Oregon Health Authority.

“This helplessness and waiting for the application to be processed is the hardest part about the job” one assister said. The whole team wanted to remind people applying that the enrollment time from start to finish is still 3-4 months long for their clients on average. Therefore, if a client has urgent medical need the application can be pushed up to three weeks processing time.

When asked why they like this job they chorused that it was so amazing to make a daunting and complex process simple for the community and to be able to help. Furthermore, they are able to alleviate stress and offer in-depth knowledge of benefits available that many people do not realize they are eligible for!

“It feels so good to help people in this small way with so much confusion about the system”

Come and see us today! Let us help you sign up for the Oregon Health Plan YEAR ROUND!!!

Have Questions? Call (503) 489-1760 to talk directly to one our Enrollment Team