Total Care Event

Free Food Market

Summer Lunch

Must eat entire meal at the lunch site.

Free meals are for children 18 and under.

Hosted by Human Solutions and reynolds School District; these institutions are equal opportunity providers.


Gresham Sunday Parkway!

There are three main locations: Main City Park, Gresham City Hall and Gresham Grocery Outlet! Come an visit for a day full of free family fun and games 🙂 We will have some water games free giveaways and face painting! What better way to spend Father’s Day!!!


Four girls holding seedlings to be planted

Nadaka Park – Welcome Back Vulture Day

This family friendly festival is filled with fun and educational activities. Come to Nadaka Park to meet Ruby, Portland Audubon’s Turkey Vulture, up close (along with many of Audubon’s other education birds). Compare your “wingspan” to that of a California Condor, make a crafted vulture and mask, play “Upchuck Chuck!”, and discover why vultures are important.

child measuring wingspan at Nadaka Park



Free Flu Shot Clinic!

Wallace is Holding a FREE flu shot clinic! It will be in the Meals on Wheels room in the Rockwood Building. Come and get a shot! You do not need to make and appointment beforehand. We can provide shots to people ages 4 and up! WMC Team


¡No se requiere una cita! ¡Edades de 4 en adelante!

¡Todos están invitados a venir y ponerse la vacuna contra la influenza GRATIS!


En EL CUARTO DE “Loaves and Fishes”

En El Edificio Rockwood

Stress Management Workshop

Stress can feel like a big weight

Sometimes it can feel like we are carrying a big weight

Stress can be overwhelming but this class can help!

During the these workshops, we will cover: What is stress? How does it affect our health? We will also talk about self care and figuring out what’s causing discord or disfunction in our personal lives. In addition to, techniques to manage/reduce/prevent stress – short and long term. Additionally, there will be goal setting and the impact of nutrition and physical activity on our health. Call today to sign up!

Stressed man

Durante los talleres de Manjo del Estres cubriremos: Que es el Estres? Como afecta el Estres nuestra Salud? Auto Cuidado,, Identificando lo que esta causando estres en nuestras vidas personales, Tecnicas para prevenir/reducir//manejar el estres a corto y largo plazo, Fijar Metas, El Impacto de la Nutricion y la Actividad Fisisca. llamenos hoy!

The coming up workshops will be in English.

Stress consulting-1739639__180

Friends and family can help you by listening

According to the American Heart Association you can feel stress physically in the form of headaches and tight muscles. Additionally, you can even have low energy or feel other emotions more strongly! Also, there are many healthy habits you can start to reduce the affects of stress in your life! Click on the picture to the right to get more information from the American Heart Association!


PACS Cow Mobile Food Pantry

The PACS COW(Commodities On Wheels) Mobile Pantry is bringing food to our neighborhood!

Come visit the pantry! Bring evidence of current Oregon residence (photo ID preferred, utility bill or piece of mail also accepted). State your overall household income and the names/birth dates of additional household members you are gathering food for.

PACS cow mobile food pantry

Grupo de Apoyo: Diabetes

Diabetes class

Diabetes class

Nuestros grupos son una oportunidad de aprender de profesionales de salud sobre cómo vivir con diabetes y mejorar su salud. Tenemos nutriólogos, terapistas físicas, personal dental, enfermeros, trabajadores comunitarios de salud, y doctores que vienen para enseñar sobre la diabetes. Mucho del grupo es basado en la discusión, en que pacientes puedan compartir sus experiencias viviendo con diabetes. Durante cada grupo, cada paciente tiene la oportunidad de reunirse individualmente con un proveedor que puede ajustar la dosis de sus medicamentos, surtir medicamentos, y hacer cualquier prueba del laboratorio que el paciente necesite. Las clases se ofrecen en inglés y español y duran 2 horas en las tardes. La próxima clase en inglés es martes 15 noviembre de las 5:30-7:30. Todas las clases están en nuestra clínica de Rockwood. Amigos y miembros de la familia son bienvenidos.

Diabetes Support Group

Our diabetes support groups are an opportunity to learn from healthcare professionals about living with diabetes and improving your health.  We have nutritionists, physical therapists, dental staff, nurses, community health workers, and doctors come to teach about diabetes. Much of the group is discussion-based, where patients can also share their experiences.

During every group, each person has the opportunity to meet individually with a provider, who can adjust medication doses, refill medications, and do any lab work that the patient is needing. Additionally, classes are offered in English and Spanish and are 2 hours long in the evenings. Next Spanish diabetes class is Weds Oct 12th from 5:30-7:30pm. Also, friends and family members are welcome.

Nutrition is important to the support of good health!

Nutrition is important to the support of good health!

For more information visit: The American Diabetes Association website.