A Vote ‘’Yes’’ on Measure 101 is a Vote for a Healthy Oregon

On January 23, a crucial special election will ask voters to approve Measure 101, which protects Oregon Health Plan benefits for hundreds of thousands of children and adults in our state. Will you be a part of WMC’s efforts to get out the “Yes” vote by January 23?

Know the Facts

The Oregon Primary Care Association is sharing very helpful educational materials. Click here to learn more about the impact measure 101 will have on Oregon families.

In addition, KGW has put together an excellent outline of the issues and positions of each side in a recent article: Click here to get a better sense of what is at stake and who is supporting each side of the measure.

…And keeping visiting WMC’s Facebook page for more information as we grow closer to the vote on Jan. 23.

Take Action

Raise your voice and make a difference this election.

  • Be an advocate. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues about measure 101 and the importance of supporting health care for all Oregonians.
  • If you’re a social media user, share Wallace and OPCA posts about measure 101 through your social networks.
  • Vote! If you or anyone you know needs to register, or update your registration, click here.